Sippy allows several users to access and work with the softswitch simultaneously. The Users page allows you to create new Web Users or to log in as existing ones.  Web users are switch operators with specific access permissions.

Each Web User should have his own Web Login and password for log in to the web GUI. Web GUI elements that users can see are limited in accordance with the user's Access Level, see a detailed list of permissions for each Access Level below.

By default, the softswitch has two system users with Administrator Access Level: the Default User which represents the Environment/Customer owner, and the Remote Assistance user that is used by SippySoft Support Team when a troubleshooting is required.

Starting from 2023 version it's possible to Block/Unblock a particular Web User from Users web page - a new button is available in the Action column. Once a user is blocked, it can not access the Web UI, next action on web would cause logoff and upon further login attempt the prompt to contact administrator for help would appear.

Basic parameters:

  • Name is the naming of web user. Might be the same for web users under different Environments/Customers
  • Web Login is the exact username of a web user. Should be unique within an Environment
  • Web Password the password pattern required to login to web UI. Inherits password policy of a Customer the web user is created within.
  • Access Level is a group with a set of permissions that define the list of pages and actions user can access and perform via web UI. More details in the table below.
  • Description - auxiliary description of web user to be displayed in the list of users.
  • Language and Timezone settings of a User affect his own web GUI 

Advanced parameters:

  • Download Format defines file extension for downloaded reports, .CSV or .XLSX format
  • E-Mail is the e-mail address where a password recovery e-mail would be sent if requested
  • Start Page defines the first page that a User sees upon a login

Web Access Control:

  • Allowed Hosts allows you to specify a list of IP addresses from which a User can log in. See more about security features here.

Permission Management for Web Users

The table below is designed to illustrate the information/settings each type of user can/cannot access through the web interface.  

AdministratorReporterBillingCall Shop OperatorNOC
My Preferencesyesyesyesyesyes
Payment historyyesyesyes
(starting in latest v5.2)





Destination Setsyesyes

Routing Groupsyesyes

Active Callsyesyes
My Call Recordsyes

ASR/ACD Reportsyesyesyes
Customer Call Recordsyesyesyesyesyes
Customer Summary Reportsyesyesyes

Customer Profit And Loss Reportsyesyesyes

Customer Sales Reportsyesyes

Vendor Call Recordsyesyesyes
Vendor Summary Reportsyesyesyes

DIDs Call Recordsyesyesyes

Callshop Preferencesyes


Test Dial Planyes

Network Traffic Captureyes

Looking Glassyes

IP Firewallyes

Extract SIP Logsyes