>  Can I freeze/suspend support of my license and reactivate it sometime in future

Sippysoft doesn't provide such a possibility. So if the customer has a server with valid support, he can't freeze it or suspend for use in the future. Thus support contract will be valid for the ordered period without chunking. If some extra details are needed, feel free to contact sales@sippysoft.com.

> Can I convert my Standby license to the dedicated Master license?

From the technical angle of view, there is no issue to convert the Standby license to the dedicated Master license.

But such a conversion requires reorganization of some configuration files.

From a sales angle?

1) The master server usually requires more support efforts.

2) Price for the Standby lower/higher??


> Can I reinstall my license from scratch?

From the technical angle of view, the re-install of a license is a time-consuming process and may require a few days of work for its successful operation.

What actions would be required before the re-install of server:

1) Database(s) should be dumped/archived or replicated to some temporary allocated server. Otherwise, after the re-install, the stored data will be lost.

2) Code or custom changes should be also archived and copied to some temp server to keep them stored.


> Can I migrate my environment to another license and what expenses should I cover?

Yes. SippySoft allows the migration of the environment on another SippySoft switch, but the extra charge may be applied for the following tasks:

1) Migration of the environment;

2) If it is a hosted platform the IP change may be required that would also be charged extra.

> Can I manage my Flex license via SSH?

SippySoft doesn't provide an SSH/KVM access on a server that uses a Flex/Hosted license. The access on SSH may be provided only a Full Purchased system on a self-hosted hardware.

> May I increase the CC/CPS on my hosted system?

> May I get a standby solution if I use a SippySoft's hosted environment?

> May I use for some time both servers simultaneously after the migration of data to a new server?

The use of both systems simultaneously after the migration would lead to a data inconsistency