Low Balance Notifications

The Low Balance Notification feature will send an automatic notification email to a Customer or Account when their respective Account's Available Credit goes below a certain threshold.

Notification emails are sent by the billing system in Sippy. The balance notification check runs once every 15 minutes. To ensure that the Account or Customer does not receive multiple (possibly unwanted) emails, only one notification email is sent when the Available Credit passes the threshold.  When the Account's Available Credit is updated an internal flag is reset; thus allowing a new notification email to be sent the next time the Account's Available Credit passes the threshold.

Balance Notifications, and the balance threshold can be enabled, disabled and set through the Actions Menu on the Account listing page.  

From the Actions Menu drop-down menu select "Auto-Recharge / Notifications" option.

Set the desired balance threshold here or select 'Disabled' from the drop-down menu.  Selecting "Disabled" will result in ensuring that notifications for the Account/Customer are not sent. 

The same option is available from the Customers interface.

"Auto-Recharge / Notifications" settings for a customer.

Changes to Low Balance Notifications for Sippy Softswitch 2020

  1. Starting from Sippy 2020 you will be able to set a decimal precision value in the low balance notification email template. The ${balance} and ${real_balance} macros can be modified by including a ":" to denote the decimal precision. For example ${balance:4} will display 4 decimal places in the template, case precision is not specified, 2 decimal places would be present in corresponding digit after the dot.
  2. A new macro can be displayed for low balance Notifications that reflect the minimum payment. The value is retrieved from the Account or Customer properties; use ${min_payment_amount} on the email template to display this information.
  3. Low Balance Notifications can be sent as html. Previously, Notifications were restricted to plain text. The new feature will allow you to add Links for Payment to the email going out to your customers.