Syntax of the Destination Patterns in the Service Plans

A Service plan can contain Minute Plans with certain amount of included minutes. To apply a Minute Plan to a specific set of destinations only, a Destination Pattern can be specified.

The Destination Pattern field can contain several prefixes separated with whitespace.

The prefixes can be of two types - positive and negative. A negative prefix starts with the symbol ^.

The prefix can also contain a wildcard symbol . (dot) that matches any digit.

Example 1

Destination Pattern:

111 ^1114

This pattern matches all destinations starting with 111 but not starting with 1114. So the destinations 11155555 and 1110000000 match, and destinations 111456, 11147777 and 55555 don't match.

Example 2

Destination Pattern:

111 ^1114 11141

This pattern matches the destinations 111222 and 11141222, and doesn't match the 1114222.

Example 3

Destination Pattern:


This pattern matches the destinations 111222 and 11142555, and doesn't match the 11133333.