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Currency Exchange Rate bug

Hello All,

We have observed a new issue when using Yahoo Finance as a source for Currency Exchange.  This service worked reliably for quite some time but is no longer available from Yahoo.  We are currently preparing a patch for this issue for our 4.4 and later systems.  Once the patch has been created it will be available to all customers with an active support contract.  Additional details will be sent out via our support and sales team once our patch is available for download.


Phillip Ma

Product Manager
Sippy Software Inc.

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Quick update for those interested

We have completed work on implementing two new Currency Exchange Rate services to replace the now deprecated Yahoo Finance Service previously offered through Sippy.  Adding additional exchange rates is effectively the same process as before but instead of now using the Yahoo Finance service customers are offered a choice between Manual Entries, Google Finance, or Alpha Vantage as their source for updated currency data.  Google Finance and Alpha Vantage both will refresh the rates every 15 minutes.  For more information please read up on our Exchange Rate Documentation located here.

Our support team will begin rolling out the changes to customers with active support starting with customers on 5.0 and those who have filed a support ticket.  This fix will be available for all customers with active support and are on versions 4.4 and later.

Thank you!


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