Planned End of Support - Sippy Softswitch v4.5

On May 17th, 2016 Sippy Software released our the 4.5 version of our software. In those two years we have since released our 5.X platform. Since that time many of our customers have upgraded to our 5.0 version or to our latest published release 5.1. In the coming months we will no longer be offering active support or critical updates for our 4.5 versions of our software. End of support will come shortly after our Production Release of the Sippy Softswitch version 5.2.

Earlier this month we have opened up our 5.2 release in alpha for sandbox testing for our customers. We have made some major changes we have added several new features. Expect to see some major changes to our web interface and system navigation as a result of this patch. And while our development teams are busy wrapping up the major changes for 5.2 we encourage all customers to move our softswitch to either our 5.0 or 5.1 release for all the latest stable version.

How do I begin the process to upgrade my Softswitch?

Your upgrade process begins with an email to our support team. We will verify your support account status and work with you to schedule out the upgrade process. Once scheduled the update will be applied at the agreed upon time. The downtime will be limited to 1.5 hours. We encourage customers to upgrade to 5.1 at this time.

Are the costs associated with the upgrade process?

FLEX customers get it as standard as the support is included in their monthly charges. Customers who have support contracts up to date get the update upon request. Customers without support have to renew or reinstate in order to get upgrade.

What Sippy Softswitch Version options are best for me?

We recommend upgrading your softswitch to our latest 5.1 Release. The large majority of our customer base have been transitioning from our 5.0 release to our 5.1 Release over the last few months. If you have not yet upgraded this is an excellent opportunity to get that process started. Our 5.2 version is now available for Sandbox testing and will be launched early in 2019.

Many thanks

Sippy Software Inc

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