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ACD/ASR Quality Monitoring on Accounts

Hello all, 

I am a newcomer to Sippy and noticed there's a way to control quality traffic on destination sets, but I would like to know if there's something similar for accounts, so I can block an account if their ACD/ASR stats are too low and can negatively impact my traffic to carriers. 

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry,  I meant connections, not destination sets :)


I agree with this new feature request. If we have 1 Account sending bad quality and this blocked on of the Vendros Connections, it is unfair for the rest of Account to be unable to connect through that Connection.

the Quality Control should be on the Accounts level and block/reduce the calls from that Account with bad stats and not affecting all accounts with good stats that would need that Connection available.

As an alternative we had 2 create up to 5 Connection for the same Vendor IP when it should only needed 1 per IP. Some carrier have up to 5 or 6 IP Address, so imagin how many connected we had for 1 single Vendor.

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