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LRN from web API

I am looking to implement LRN, but our provider does LRN via web API. Based the Solutions guide the LRN is done via SIP.Does this need to be a feature request since currently the system responds with a text, xml or json response format.

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do you support lrn it via http rest api?

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I see that Opensips LRN implementation is done. Do you plan any solution other then current one (SIP). Rest api or another native solution would be great since we have problems as well as additional costs. Because of the service we use, we had a huge problem today. We are lucky that this happened over the weekend!

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About configuring and understanding LRN Dipping and Number Portability in Sippy Softswitch is LRN Dipping and Number Portability [Fri, 23 Dec, 2022 

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