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5.0 Errata

Sippy Softswitch 5.0 Errata


This document lists errata items for Sippy Softswitch 5.0-PRODUCTION, containing significant information discovered after the release or too late in the release cycle to be otherwise included in the release documentation.  An up-to-date version of this document should always be consulted before installing this version of our Softswitch.

This errata document for 5.0-PRODUCTION will be maintained until Sippy Softswitch-RELEASE reaches end-of-support.

Errata Notices:

The following items have been addressed in our 5.0-PRODUCTION version after our initial release.  If your system was set-up prior to the fixed date when the issue was corrected than it is possible for your system may still suffer from the issues identified below.

SS-2779November 20th, 2017A change in default behavior was identified for LRN caching after upgrading from 4.5 to 5.0. After upgrading LRN Cache was disabled causing unanticipated LRN dips for calls. The settings are now preserved after the upgrade process.
SS-1396October 2nd, 2017A BYE request was not being sent when there was no response to the re-invite request. The current expected behaviour (to comply with RFC3261) in 4.5 versions and beyond is for the UAC to terminate the dialog if no response is received for the re-INVITE request.
SS-2663September 01st, 2017An issue was discovered with balance related search filters was introduced with the Balance Daemon was addded in our 5.0 Code. The search criteria have now been updated to comply with the Balance Daemon.
SS-2764October 30th, 2017The call shop module did not accurately report the current balance. The Query to generate this data did not rely on the Balance Daemon to display the accurate price.
SS-2649November 3rd, 2017Top-Up IVR application for account balances could fail When compat_vouchers was set to true in the database.
SS-2612August 3rd, 2017Forward DID in URI option stopped working for Late DID recognition after upgrading from 4.5 to 5.0.
SS-2799November 10th, 2017Updating blocked/unblocked status when bulk uploading accounts broke after allowing users to do this in the web interface.
SS-2605September 04th, 2017Diversion headers were not initialized properly at the time of 5.0 release. Our initial release always tried to parse the header (even though this was optional) which created problems later in the call workflow.
SS-2578June 30th, 2017We fixed some Call Processing Time Spikes in our monitoring graphs. These were caused by having to do DNS lookups when the hostnames were not included in the host files. These DNS lookups were unnecessary and have been removed.
SS-2587September 29th, 2017Record-Route is now added into ACK following a re-INVITE. Without this functionality it was possible the softswitch would send the ACK to the wrong URI resulting in dropped calls.
SS-2637August 17th, 2017Disk Space allocated of md0.uzip needed to be increased. These changes were needed for FreeBSD 11.
SS-2759November 2nd, 2017A missing value for a variable caused SER to crash during DNS lookups. We have corrected this across all our currently supported software versions.
SS-2892In ProgressWe have restored the Deniz Bank payment processors to our 5.0 Release.
SS-2893January 16th, 2018We have restored the IS bank payment processor back to our 5.0 Release.
SS-2918February 13th, 2018Account TopUP through a Vouchers are not currently being applied.
SS-2829December 18th, 2017Selections are now saved when you select a specific currency and are presented an error message.
SS-2804November 23rd, 2017The Yahoo Finance API used for currency conversion was spontaneously discontinued. We have replaced these api methods with Google Finance (default) and alpha vantage.
SS-2928In testingA bug has been identified in handling of Loose Routing with R-URI.
SS-2874February 2nd, 2018We have identified a security flaw in our logging system that exposes some sensitive user data. This will be fixed across all our software versions.
SS-2311July 12th, 2018An issue with the Billing Daemon has been raised and addressed where the billingd may fall into an infinate loop when accounts are suspended and then unblocked.  A patch for this issue is avaailable to customers with active support agreements.
SS-3246July 24th, 2018A problem with SER has been identified that may cause calls to fail under certain configurations.  Incoming calls to a DID could fail if there are authenticaiton rules to a vendor and no connections setup.  This issue has been corrected for our 5.0 release and does not appear in our 5.1 version.  We will be creating an audit check to identify customers who are affected by this specific type of configuration.