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5.2 Errata

Sippy Softswitch 5.2 Errata


This document lists errata items for Sippy Softswitch 5.2-PRODUCTION, containing significant information discovered after the release or too late in the release cycle to be otherwise included in the release documentation.  An up-to-date version of this document should always be consulted before installing this version of our Softswitch.

This errata document for 5.2-PRODUCTION will be maintained until this particular release reaches end-of-support.

Errata Notices:

The following items have been addressed in our 5.2-PRODUCTION version after our initial release.  If your system was set-up prior to the fixed date when the issue was corrected than it is possible for your system may still suffer from the issues identified below. 

SS-42539/15/2020 8:51:29Exclude *.tmp files while taking backup
SS-42198/20/2020 14:37:05Call is connected after re-INVITE instead of 200 OK
SS-41446/22/2020 11:16:47Regular backup failed
SS-40825/18/2020 15:20:12Run from jail (from IP of environment) to avoid firewall issues
SS-40807/21/2020 7:39:16Traceback in b2bua.log caused by SDP in INFO
SS-40785/29/2020 6:53:07Cannot Add/Upload/Download Destinations when records contain an apostrophe
SS-40115/21/2020 12:01:12Re-rate tool on Web rounds call duration improperly
SS-39655/18/2020 issue - needs better exception handling to skip failing accounts.
SS-39271/8/2020 13:21:41Login as does not work for account with apostrophe in Account Name
SS-38658/19/2020 14:42:01Failover failed with a TRACEBACK in the db_bouncer.log
SS-38571/16/2020 19:57:06LAST_BILL_DATE and BILL_DATE mismatch 
SS-38462/19/2020 9:31:48ASR/ACD: Billable calls is 0 while Billed duration is not 0
SS-38447/27/2020 8:02:07Download rate fails in tariff name has '/' char
SS-38362/6/2020 15:21:34Changes to DID Charging Groups do not cause DID cache to reload
SS-380510/2/2020 15:18:51SSL warning issue: certificate with several domains
SS-379012/17/2019 10:41:19BDB_cache overloads /var/jenv1/var
SS-37548/27/2019 9:41:46unprinted characters issue in invoice generatoin
SS-36602/26/2020 15:00:46Outbound IP always use a primary IP
SS-36214/26/2019 13:09:02Web shows wrong balance after payment
SS-35381/20/2020 16:04:44NAT issue with ACK in case of onnet call
SS-35301/25/2019 14:51:47The getAccountMinutePlans XML-RPC method returns extra data.
SS-31216/3/2020 11:59:28Recalculate of LRN CDRs
SS-27819/10/2020 8:01:21target_hosts empty array validation missing on dumpIPTraffic() xmlapi

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