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4.5 Errata

Sippy Softswitch 4.5 Errata


This document lists errata items for Sippy Softswitch 4.5-PRODUCTION, containing significant information discovered after the release or too late in the release cycle to be otherwise included in the release documentation.  An up-to-date version of this document should always be consulted before installing this version of our Softswitch.

This errata document for 4.5-PRODUCTION will be maintained until this particular release reaches end-of-support.

Errata Notices:

The following items have been addressed in our 4.5-PRODUCTION version after our initial release.  If your system was set-up prior to the fixed date when the issue was corrected than it is possible for your system may still suffer from the issues identified below.

Ticket Fixed Summary
SS-2881 December 26th, 2017 Partition Rotation rules were not created when new environments are created. This caused data to be written to the root table instead of the specific partition for that environment.
SS-2832 December 20th, 2017 Media relay preferences weren't always being respected when it came to OnNet calling, calls via DID, or Trunks. The built in media relay was being used in these cases instead of the SMG
SS-2804 November 23rd, 2017 Yahoo Finance had deprecated it's exchange rate API service. As a result we have updated all our supprted versions with two new exchange rate services (Google Finance, and AlphaVantage).
SS-2759 November 2nd, 2017 We fixed an issue that could arrise with SER when DNS resolution failed in certain scenarios.
SS-2726 October 3rd, 2017 A combination of Bzip2 compression with dump format SQL dum (TAR) could create problems with DB backup service failures.
SS-2641 September 8th, 2017 SER CPU load spikes coinsided when there were large numbers of DIDs that were loaded.
SS-2578 November 17th, 2017 Fixed an issue with High Call Processing times by improving SDP DNS lookups.
SS-2574 October 2nd, 2017 Ser is appending garbage to the end of some sip programs.
SS-2563 June 22nd, 2017 Search filters are not applied when the active calls page is automatically refreshed.
SS-2518 June 12th, 2017 CDRs do not correctly reflect cases where SMG is used.
SS-2474 May 10th, 2017 Contact header is now included to the LRN invite messages in accordance with RFC-3261
SS-2294 March 17th, 2017 Location.recieved field not filled by SER during registration of UA.
SS-2235 February 22nd, 2017 Asterix gets translated to %2A in connections CLD regular expression translation
SS-2184 November 11th, 2016 Some updates to the python time library were needed to correct some timezone offsets in Turkey.
SS-2180 November 14th, 2016 AOR was being saved in lower case by SER when it shouldn't have been.
SS-2169 December 12th, 2016 We have corrrected an issue with DID monthly charges and DID setup charges being applied.
SS-2167 December 9th, 2016 Some new changes were needed to Meet with new regulatory policies surrounding CLI in Turkey.
SS-2148 November 4th, 2016 A fix has been applied to the process of blocking anonymous
SS-2120 December 29th, 2016 There was some inconsistent behaviour in calls cancelled by the caller across 4.4 and 4.5 versions. We now detect the cancell message and write the result=0.
SS-1870 June 21st, 2016 Paypal payments were often got stuck in pending status with the release of 4.5. We have corrected this issue along side
SS-1729 June 07th, 2016 Incorrect Billed Duration for non zero calls with Minute Plan
SS-1685 April 22nd, 2016 Calls dropped with a 470 Consent Needed error were displaying the CLD in the CDR matches with the incoming DID instead of the translated CLD - which is present in the DNCL.
SS-1671 February 3rd, 2017 Ability to setup incoming charges for DID has been added for the 4.5
SS-1543 June 12th, 20117 Seconds from the minute plans are not properly considered when the prefix in tariffs has extremely high values and can not be covered by the balance.