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5.2 Translation Files

Hey Everyone,

We are hard at work testing out the changes we have made for our Sippy Softswitch 5.2 Release.  As with any release we have made a number of changes to our software.  These new changes are almost always worked out in English first.  We realize that not all of our customers however use English as their primary language.  As a result some of the new functionality may go untranslated for certain languages where a translator may not be readily available.

To help address this we will make our translation files available on request to our customers to review translations.  Just leave a note below and we will reply with the relevant translation files you need.  Once you are done translating the file we can take the revisions and add them to our repository for future builds.

The same is true for any languages that are not supported.  While there may be more work in translating the full switch we can certainly add the translation files.

If you have any further questions on this topic then you can read up on the following article.


RE: SS-3367

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Hi Phillip,

There is a request from Turkish customer related to incomplete translation of Web-interface (i.e. some of the menus are still in English)

See TR-1350

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