Sippy Softswitch 2023 - Beta Release Notes

Sippy 2023 Beta Release

Hello Everyone,

Sippy Software Inc. is happy to announce our newest release will be available for beta testing on June 3rd, 2024. Updates to your staging systems can now be scheduled with our support team if you have a valid support agreement and are on the latest version of our prior release. If you do not have a valid support agreement, please contact to purchase a support package for your system.

Major Changes:

DID Ranges

Carriers often handle large quantities of DID numbers assigned to various customers and accounts. Historically, managing these DIDs has involved significant configuration overhead, despite the fact that the majority of DID numbers share the same basic configuration. In Sippy 2023, we introduced DID ranges, enabling you to specify the start and end of a DID range, as well as the ability to subdivide and assign the range to the customers and accounts that require them.

Web interface for Stir/Shaken

You can now set up Stir/Shaken directly through the web interface. Previously, Stir/Shaken setup was conducted directly within the database. With the latest update, you have the autonomy to configure your Stir/Shaken parameters independently. This includes options such as employing a trusted partner like 1callconnect for call verification or configuring your provider to manage both authentication and verification, using the built-in tools on your softswitch.

Stir/Shaken per Routing group

Stir/Shaken dips can now be set on a per routing group basis. This improvement makes it so that you can specify each route where you need to set up Stir/Shaken. This is incredibly useful as not all areas have adopted Stir/Shaken and may not even need verification. You will now be able to set your Routing Entries to either force call signing over Stir/Shaken (Required), reuse cached Stir/Shaken Identity (Supported) or do not use any Stir/Shaken (Disabled).

CA Lists and SSL Certificate management

We have streamlined the management of CA lists and SSL certificates. We have introduced a new attribute called domain type specifying the relevant domain for the list or certificate promoting a more cohesive administrative approach. The new domain type also helps us incorporate Stir/Shaken Certificates into this system. A full suite of the corresponding XMLAPI methods was adjusted to add support for the new parameters.

New Features and Improvements:

SS-5987 - Implement SIP HEP capture

OpenSIPS now features a configurable option for enabling SIP HEP capture. SIP HEP is used to register callbacks, which are invoked after parsing the HEP header and can also pack SIP messages into HEP messages.

SS-5884 - Switch jenkins_agent to use Java 17

The Java version used by the Jenkins agent has been upgraded to the 17th version. This ensures that the daemon we employ to maintain system updates runs on a stable and supported version of Java.

SS-5850 - Add support for the ADD_HEADER for the external_translator_outbound in python and golang b2bua

external_translator_outbound is the script that allows to change a set of parameters of the call, now has the option to add an auxiliary header to be included into outgoing INVITE. This feature empowers you to create custom headers such as a specific Diversion header at the vendor level, enabling you to fulfil specific requirements set by your vendor.

SS-5775 - Stir/Shaken Lookups reflected on the Test Dial Plan

We’ve updated the Test Dial Plan to display Stir/Shaken configurations, making it easier to troubleshoot calls.

SS-5690 - Introducing Cloud Backup Speed Limit

You can now define a maximum upload speed for your backup data to S3 buckets offsite. This feature aims to strike a balance between delivering high-quality voice services and ensuring necessary redundancies.

SS-5681 - Make all templates use same charset

All email templates now use UTF-8 for character encoding by default.

SS-5578 - Add email notification for successful backup jobs

We’ve implemented a feature to automatically send an email notification to a switch owner when a backup job is successfully completed.

SS-5538 - Warning message for Routing Entries section

When values in the Routing Entries table are greyed out, a warning message will now indicate if a vendor connection or a destination set has not yet been created. This improvement offers users clearer guidance on any missing configurations.

SS-5783 Stir/Shaken AS connector customization

It was made possible to use the customized Stir/Shaken AS connector that sends Identity as a part of the Contact header instead of using the separate header.

SS-5616 - Improve the performance of Customers Summary Report

The refactoring was done to Customers Summary Report in order to optimise the SQL queries and speed up the report execution. The fix was also backported to the Sippy 2021 and 2022.

SS-5605 - Improve the performance of Customers CDRs Report

The refactoring was done to Customers CDRs Report in order to optimise the SQL queries and speed up the report execution. The fix was also backported to the Sippy 2021 and 2022.

SS-2370 - Display the Estimated Cost on Origination side on TestDialPlan

Both web UI and XMLAPI were adjusted in order to display the origination side’s Estimated cost for the call, making it easier to compare the cost on Origination and Termination sides. Backported to the Sippy 2022.

SS-5097 - Refactor of mail subsystem

Internal mail subsystem was rewritten to be able to perform more intelligent retries of emails as well as processing of error codes from external SMTP systems. This change was backported to the Sippy 2022.

Key Version Updates

SS-5844 Python upgraded from 3.9 to 3.11

SS-5843 PHP upgraded from 8.1 to 8.2

SS-5842 Default PostgreSQL version is now 14 with ability to upgrade to PostgreSQL 16. PostgresQL 10 is now deprecated.

SS-5836 Default OpenSIPS version is now 3.1.17 with an ability to upgrade to 3.4.3. OpenSIPS 2.4 is now deprecated.

SS-5726 Default FreeBSD version is now 13.1 with an ability to upgrade to 13.2. FreeBSD 12.2 is now deprecated.

API changes

SS-5867 - Make possible connection of data in cdr_connections with trunk connections.

You can now use i_connection as an input parameter for getTrunkConnectionInfo() while both getTrunkConnectionInfo() and getTrunkConnectionsList() will now include i_connection in the returned data.

SS-5643 - Add an xmlapi method to block and unblock web users.

A new api method has been added to block and unblock web users.

SS-4639 - Improving XML-RPC API Manage Active Calls()

Setup time is now returned by listActiveCalls().

Security Improvements:

SS-5810 - Extend ssp.misc.Encrypt to allow different encryption/decryption key for each subsystem.

Security keys shouldn’t be shared between components. If one system is compromised other systems could also be compromised as a result. This new feature enables different subsystems to have their own encryption/decryption keys and discourages re-usage of the same keys among different systems.

SS-5582 - SMTP passwords should be encrypted

The SMTP password is now stored in encrypted form, ensuring it remains secure both in the Web UI and within the database.

SS-5631 - NOC user is able to block connections and to change route preference from the test dial plan

An issue was identified by our development team that allowed NOC users to be able to block connections and change route preferences from the Test Dial Plan. This permission change has been applied in our production versions from Sippy 2021 and up.

Stability Improvements:

SS-5979 - Cloud Backup feature was extended to support multi-tenant systems.

Customers with cloud backups enabled on multi-environment systems had some problems with environment data being overwritten. A fix has been created to resolve this issue. Production systems with this in effect have been updated.

SS-5957 - Fix for css load on web UI

We identified an occasional issue with the web UI where certain pages failed to load fully, resulting in HTTP2_protocol_error messages. To address this, additional caching for HTTP2 was implemented on the server side to our latest production branch in Sippy 2022, as well as in this new release.

SS-5951 - AWS systems would falsely display “system is outdated” message upon login.

Some notifications on the AWS web interface were incorrectly indicating that the system was outdated. This issue stemmed from activation scripts used during the setup process of your AWS system.

SS-5930 - Replication alerts were not sent out after the Slave system became unavailable.

A small typo prevented replication alerts from being sent out when the slave system became unavailable.

SS-5865 - Network Buffer monitoring graph fix for FreeBSD 13.x

After updating the Operating system to FreeBSD 13.x there were reports of the Network Buffer allocation and Activity monitoring graphs would not correctly load. This was fixed across from Sippy Softswitch v2022 and up.

SS-5958 - Enabled ‘Use Pref.Codec only’ parameter rejects calls case SDP had video stream.

A fixed issue was causing calls to reject regardless of the codec sent, if the SDP contained a video stream announcement.

SS-5788 - OpenSIPs DNS cache resolving issue

We discovered an issue affecting TTL handling and corrected it by ensuring that /etc/hosts is reloaded every 60 seconds, with DNS reload being based on TTL.

SS-5994 - Backup failure in scenario with thrift

The race condition between DB backup and thrift files rotation was identified and fixed by refactoring of the corresponding library.

SS-5976 - Destinations update resulted in error

An update of Destinations via web UI upload facility resulted in an error caused by PHP 7.4->8.1 upgrade. The fix was added to our latest production branch in Sippy 2022, as well as in this new release.

SS-5772 - Fix DB query for payment processors web page

In some cases the shared Payment Processor web page might fail to open since the source Payment Processor had a bigger ID.

SS-5654 - Fix for media IP in SDP for some NAT scenarios

Case the call was received from the NAT network but SDP had global routable IP, it was processed by NAT module of OpenSIPS and rewritten. From now on it’s possible to define the proper behaviour via net_addresses.

SS-5567 - Processing of INFO messages

The fix was added to allow proper processing of INFO messages in various scenarios. This change was backported to the Sippy 2022 version.

SS-5954 - Incorrect src IP in requests to Vendors

A misprint was identified and fixed in opensips config that caused Record-Route to be invalidated by a remote party. This change was backported to the Sippy 2021 and 2022 as well.

SS-5413 - Firewall fix for the system with multiple IP addresses

For the configuration with node IP and environment IP assigned to different interfaces the firewall tool created a wrong set of rules which caused issues with accessing web UI. The fix was backported to the Sippy 2022.

Pre-Upgrade Checks:

Before you upgrade your system we will be ensuring your switch meets the pre-upgrade requirements.

  • Checks for OpenSIPS version 3.1
  • Checks for PostgreSQL 14
  • Checks for FreeBSD 13.1

Deprecated Functionality

  • Internet explorer and some older browser versions will no longer be supported in the web interface. This is to accommodate some of the new web framework we have implemented for some of the New UI elements.
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