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Multiple Codec Selecton in Client and Vendor

I want to have power to allow multiple codecs to my Accounts/Reseller/Vendor... for example if for Account A i want to allow only G729A and G723 i would be able to do so... at the moment either i can select one codec or all codec and this create problem.

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This feature is included in every soft switch in market ..
with sippy we are limited to one codec or are left to the A- side
strange since two years the feature is planned but no actions


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This is important feature. I have been requesting this feature for last 2 year and not added yet.


It is one of the best feature so far Sippy is not offering. Its really important to ensure the quality for Bandwidth limited route.

Thank you all for taking the time to request this feature. It is a great idea.

I have logged this in our internal road-map, and we hope to include it in an upcoming release. I have now tagged this Feature Request as "Planned".

If you have any further ideas, or suggestions, please add your comments to this thread, or if you are looking for other specific features, then please open a new Feature Request.

We will be actively monitoring this forum going forward.

Also it would be nice to limit vendors with available codecs so if the user is only able to use g711 it won't try only g729 accepting vendor.

Thank you for your additional input Cenk!

Your suggestion has been considered as a part of the original roadmapping of this feature request, covering Accounts/Reseller/Vendor codec preference capability.

Please continue to help us refine the product through your experiences!

Hi Sippy Team,

After almost 2 years and after 1 year of response from Mr. Jev i want to know the status of this feature... i hope sippy is taking this request seriously.



must be in the switch


We are using the latest version at the moment but these feature is still missing.
1. Ability to select multiple codec in account
2.a. Codec selection open in Vendor connection
2.b. Select multiple codec under connection

After a long time i am inquiring about this long missing feature..:), is there any update about it?



Hello Team,

Any possibility of including this requested feature in SIPPY 2020?

As most of us has been requesting these features for years now.

* Ability to select multiple codecs in Account and Vendor Connection  

We hope to get this feature in upcoming release SIPPY 2020

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