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Customer / Vendor Stats & Performance Monitor

Dear Team

For any support team need to have a consolidated Stats on hourly/ Daily / Periodical reports to monitor the performance of routes as well as customer completion.

We dont have any breakup  report ... Like hourly ASR/ACD Reports / Periodical reports which would help in monitor and improve the business by any company.

Pls look into the issue.

Thanks & Regards


Dear Team:

This feature is really important to understand the quality of any particular route. Currently we can not check hourly report which is very common feature of many softswitch. Its really important to evaluate the performance of any particular route during the any hour of the day. 

We hope Sippy will add this feature in near future.


Irfan Faiz


We have been using a tool bitseye which is plotting the graphs for all he destination/clients/vendors etc and that's a wounder full tool for the monitoring of the stats and calls, that has helped us to increase the business by 40% at least.



Dear Mike

Can i have demo of Bitseye Tool which were used .... You may reach us


Hi Mike,

Sorry for the late reply... Its a third party product which we are using, you can contact for the demo.



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