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Calling Cards Activation/Deactivation Option

 Requesting a Feature for Calling card Module 

Calling Cards Status update Activation/Deactivation in Bulk.  Attached Picture will Give an idea how to implement that.

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 Dear  M&T Telecom,

There is no such functionality at this moment. But if you are interested in such kind of development, you can create ticket to and we will discuss possibility with developers. Please note, additional development could cost you some extra money and it will be coordinated with billing department based on estimated time required for such development.

Thank you.

 Well, It would have look and feel better to have options mentioned in the attached screen. However, Despite the Pin Blocked, It still Announce ( Voice Prompt ) the Amount in $$ and Ask for Destination To be Dialed.

Propose Solution : Cant it be like, IF PIN is Blocked in either way, MSG should Play ---> Your Account/Card is not Activated Please Contact Customer Service. Rather Than permitting to DIAL a Destination number, Leaving Vulnerable to Agent, wholesaler, Calling Card owner.

Dear  M&T Telecom,

Such functionality already available in our system for PIN numbers/accounts. You can activate/deactivate accounts in bulk via .xls file. You need to apply filter based on "batch tag" field and then click "Download accounts". When .xls file downloaded please open it and apply Action "U" (column A1) for all accounts and edit column lifetime (set value like 2 which means 2 days). Then save and upload this file. As result you will get new values for PIN numbers.

See screenshot in attach.

Thank you for choosing SippySoft!

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