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Invoice auto generate but not auto send

We will appreciate if sippysoft team will develop/modify the invoices module with the following features.

Under Customer/Accounts profile there should be a field for Invoice Email as the general contact and Invoice/Billing contacts are always different

Invoices should be sent to only Invoice/Billing contacts.

Sippysoft should generate invoice automatically and should save as draft , after viewing/verifying by admin , it should send by email manually by clicking a link under action menu.

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Hi Saif,

Your requests are reasonable and very typical of an accounting or invoicing tool There are excellent tools such as FreshBooks, Xero, or QuickBooks that meet these needs as their core competence.

How would you feel about the ability to have your Sippy Softswitch integrate the Customer/Account invoice creation with a 3rd party Invoice/Accounting system such as FreshBooks or Xero? 

The idea here is that services such as Freshbooks’ entire business is dedicated to this problem domain, and these features. 

We are considering implementing this capability in the Sippy product, allowing anyone to integrate Sippy with any 3rd party Invoice/Accounting solution.

I’d like to know if this capability would meet the needs that you expressed in your original post; IE, Having Draft/Approved status on invoices. Maintaining separate email addresses for invoice sending etc.


This would be ideal for us, Freshbooks specifically. So if your counting votes +1

We have finished integration FreshBooks with softswitch. Invoices auto generated on FreshBooks via API. All needed in Sippy side is billing user/pass for the add -on to work and send invoices on weekly, bi weekly, monthly.

Where do I find this on my hosted sippy install? Do I need to open a ticket to get this added to our account?

Has there been any API for xero? keen to know.

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Hi Can we integrate our Xero software with sippy softswitch?

how do i integrate my Quickbooks with Sippy Soft for billing ?

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