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LCR Rates for Customers

Dear Team

This feature definitely unique if you can help in preparing based on customer available supplier based LCR1, LCR2,LCR3 Rates preparation and send in format to customer will help many companies and it definitely added advantage to switch owners.

Pls let us know if you can help on this requirement

Thanks & Regards


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Dear Sarath,

You can apply more then one routing group for one customer via "Customers" -> "Action" menu -> "Extended Routing" and assign them to different accounts under the customer. If you need something different then please explain us with more details.

Thank you for choosing SippySoft!


Arthur Kamyshniy

I think this could have been different way like below:

I think system should hava a option where you give a ref codes of all AZ routes say may be 30000 destinations and then you import all vendor's rates as some vendors has a 30,000 to 70,000 or 

some has even less so when you ask the system to cerate a LCR rates 

1. the system process these data and use ref codes (which you have provided) and based on that 

   create LCR 1 LCR 2  LCR 3 rates and so on 

  so it will like

  Ref code     LCR1               LCR2                      LCR3

  44              0,10(provder1)     0.11 (provider2)        0,12 Provider3) 

2. From the above you can create sale rates / vendor rates for routing and this would be 

   excellent for any wholesale carriers

3.  by given Provider name ( like provder 1) you can see how many destinations it will work    

     as LCR1 and LCR 2 and in LCR3 and one can upload those rates in vendor rate in the system 

     rather than import full rates provided by vendors

4. You can also create sales rates based on LCR 1 only or averaging it with all three vendors

    and have sales rates wuickly 

This featues can be in under tools in sippy switch 


Hi Sarath and Abdul,

Thank you for your input and suggestions regarding LCR reporting! We would like to acknowledge that a ticket has been created respecting your suggestion and has been roadmapped for potential future integration into a release of the Sippy Softswitch.

The ticket regards creating a report of all routes, and the lowest cost, based on all available vendor rate sheets, to make it easy to use as the basis of a Customer Tariff Sheet.

Please keep the suggestions coming to help us refine the switch to your requirements!

Hello Kevin

Can we generate this LCR Reporting / Rates for Customers


LCR is the very important part of the VoIP business and with out it running voip traffic is a difficult task but in my opinion LCR generation is not the part of SBC, we explored some third parties providing such reports like alarislab, bitswits etc and that work for us.


Mike - Bhaoo

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