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Option for CDR + vendor/connection + comparison table

It would be good to be able to check the CDR and see which route/vendor/connection a certain call went to. It takes a few steps out of troubleshooting the route at a micro level. 

It would also be good to have a simple calculated table for accounts 'calls'. Each call would have the call details including vendor cost for that particular call.


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Thanks for the suggestions Arif!  I want to acknowledge that we have created two feature requests based on your post. These features may potentially be implemented in a future release.

One for jumping to the corresponding Vendor CDR by clicking on a link for a given Client CDR.

The other, a comparison table, that will list CDRs that show the typical CDR details as well as the Vendor Used, the Cost from the vendor, and the margin (Client charge minus Vendor Charge).

Thanks for taking the time to post, keep the ideas coming!

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