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BitsEye - Real Time monitoring tool (Profit & Loss, Traffic) Ideal for Sippy Users

"BitsEye" is a Real-Time monitoring tool (independent of SBC, ideal for Sippy users as well as any other SBC) which provides graphical representation of traffic monitoring of all clients, vendors, and SBC.

Key Features: 

  • Real time (Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly) Profit and Loss Analysis
  • Client, Vendor and SBC graphical view (if you are using multiple Sippy) wise call/ASR/ACD/NER/PDD/Minutes terminated graphs.
  • Analyse client traffic going on which vendor, and also determine country and destinations.
  • Network monitoring of servers can also be done.

Product brochure is attached here within, if you need further assistance then please feel free to contact



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Bitseye is the fantastic product and it has helped Bhaoo Pvt Ltd in its success, with out any doubt its playing the eye role in our organisation. I recommend it to all serious telecom players.



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