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Improve 'real' loop detection

Not sure if I should report this as a 'feature request' {this this 'feature' is not yet available..} or as a 'problem' since it's a great limitation/problem for us.. 

When checking off 'disallow loop' the sippy system seems to overreact even for calls which could not possibly be considered a loop.  Whenever there's an active call (even just one), than any subsequent call would be detected if the ANI & DNIS are matching. even if the second call began 3 minutes later (or more...)

We've had numerous complains from customers where 3-5 people of an office were trying to call in to a given conference bridge, and the 2nd call was already rejected.

I propose that Sippy allows some more 'reasonable' detectors to the call, (or perhaps allow choosing a moderate version of disallowing loops) which would 'allow' calls after xx amount of seconds from the first call.  We'd probably choose to 'allow' any 'loop' call as long it's 2 seconds away from the original call.. 

Thanks for your consideration (hopefully ;)

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I see it's still in place this "Disallow Loops" feature. Can somebody comment on the way it will interpreter a loop and what the reaction will be?





any update on this feature ?


Kindly help us know current functionality and parameters on which Disallow Loops works - 5.2-PRODUCTION, rev.2.260

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