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Low balance notification frequency

It would be good if low balance notifications were adjustable so the low balance notification email is sent out more than once.  Maybe some way to set the frequency until there is a top up.  Folks are missing the only low balance email and then running into an issue when the balance gets too low to process calls.  The first thing they do is call and blame us!

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Hello Claude,

Thank you for your feature request. I have put your request into our product backlog for further consideration. This means that the feature request will be reviewed and possibly approved for implementation in future releases. If the status of the feature changes to planned or implementation, then we may reach out to you at that time with questions or feedback.

Your Sippy Support Team

Hello Team,

Any update on the above.

Low balance notification is as well something we like to see.

Kind regards,


Low Balance multiple notification is a must requirement.

Is there anything developed on Multiple Notification for Low Balance?

Not sure who Team is, but we have not heard any more from earlier

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