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Some features missing found on our first couple of months using Sippy

Hi there. 

We have been using Sippy for some months now, so far so good. We have found the above issues that would be great to have.

Codec selection per connection is a must.

Active calls

-Theres no way to know codec used in active call (Call detail is ok but i mean at first glance)

-Ability to know if call jumped several carriers to complete call, able to know SIP error of failed carriers.

-In incoming calls to be able to see vendor and connection ID used

-API. At the moment, in order to fetch all data from Active calls, we need to make 3 API calls (Get Active calls, Get vendor connection info & Get vendor info), it would be great to only have 1 api call instead instead of 3.

CDR reports

-Its very important to us to know the vendor that indeed completed the call. I can go to vendor CDR and search for the call, but this are 2 steps for showing basic CDR info

-Failed Vendors before call completition. Same as Active calls, is very important to know the jumps and error that the call made prior of being connected.

-Very important to know cost of call of vendor, and report profit per call


API. Theres no API for this

----BUCKET LIST-----

We come from Voipswitch and one neat feature that we loved about it is the basic realtime Dashboard, were we can see all error logs, realtime basic incoming call log and registered users, all in one simple dashboard. 

Registered users: I can consume API "get registration status" per account and have that info, but with thousands of users it becomes unreliable.

Error logs. Theres no API, we are still investigating local server logs to see if theres a way of extracting that data. The goal of this log is to know failed SIP DIGEST registrations, unathorized calls from not auth ips, and server errors in general

Basic incoming log. Need a way of knowing failed calls because of misrouting, calls attempts with X vendor, call jumps and errors and connected calls and its correspondent vendor, codec time, etc . For this we can mix several API calls and get almost that info, but again for thousands of calls it becomes unreliable.


RECAPTHA in login would be awesome!

INVOICING Be able to regenerate invoices from portal

We like Sippy as it is and for sure it will evolve over time. All the above is part of our wish list so far.


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Hi Sebastián,

Thanks for your feedback, always love people thinking and willing to contibute to help this improve the systems. 

Codec selection you can select per connection, though you can't check the codecs like you only want to include G711U and G711A. I do not have that much of a problem with it, but I'd consider it a feature request for later indeed to minimize the use of strange codecs to pass through vendors that you do not want.

Incoming calls to your DIDs you can see only the IP media gateway and not the name of the vendor. I do not find that that important personally since you should know where it's coming from :)

I do support the integration and creation of more API's and moreover the state of art techniques of API that means better security and faster ways of retrieving information.

I don't think invoicing should be in SippySoft as it's a Class4 SBC and therfore no CRM system where you invoice in/with. I would just retrieve summary reports/CDR's and invoice that in your own system. We have already automated this process which works perfect.

What we have also automated is to create near-realtime error reports per vendor, based on return codes. That could highly contribute to your system as well. 

Perhaps we can help you a little bit with these requests.

Wish you a happy day.


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