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Manual Invoicing

It would be really nice if we can have an option to generate manual invoicing instead of auto invoicing feature which is pretty much useless at the moment. Please let me know if this feature is into your future update list 

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Hello Syed,

Much of our invoicing system was rewritten in our 5.1 release and is available for a few weeks now.  We would encourage you to give the new version a try.



I see we are still on Sippy Softswitch 5.0-PRODUCTION, rev.0.184

When we will be upgraded to latest version ?

If you have an active support agreement you can contact support to schedule your upgrade.

we also doing the manual invoice. Looking for invoicing solution, current invoicing is not useful. 

we have same version Sippy Softswitch 5.0-PRODUCTION, rev.0.189 and we have active support agreement also. please let us know, how you can help us. 


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