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Integration with HumBug Labs

 Hi, we use Humbug Labs for keeping an eye on our traffic running through our Asterisk based customers.  Humbug is very useful for flagging hacked accounts, as well as leveraging from their know list of "untrusted" destinations.  We were looking at building a connector (via Sippy's API) between Sippy and Humbug, but if integration could be built directly into Sippy (like you've done with a number of things including PayPal etc) then this would benefit a number of Sippy based providers.

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Hi Ashleigh,

The Humbug service looks interesting, and I can see that an integration would be very useful.

We have an update to our CDR processing/export capabilities scheduled for the new year. That update will make integration with Humbug (and other services) a lot easier, performant and reliable.

I have added your request to our internal tracker, we will consider it for inclusion in a new release.

Thanks for taking the time Ashleigh.


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