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Ability to send sms/text to Accounts or customers on low balance treshold

As is now SIPPY softswitch can send e-mail on low balance treshold to Account.

Will be nice to provision sending text message via 3rd party client e.g Clickatell.

Or, provide simple API to go to and use external script for the text/sms if needed.

Most preferable is a DB in sippy to collect Phone #s entries from each account Profile and at set low balance Treshold will send notification to external script or a 3rd Party sms/text processor e.g Clickatell.

 Business wise sippy can provide the sms client at a low mark-up.

Clickatell charges about $12.00 USD/month for 500 credits. SIPPY can charge $12.99

Most phone users now want test messages not e-mail.

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Its a nice idea... but for the company like us we need a SMS engine ( Like sip engine sippy has) so that we can do interconnect for SMS with the tier 1 companies... such interconnects require the IPSec establishment as well so front end for the IPSec conf is also require.



Thanks for the request James. We do have this feature on our roadmap, and hope to have it included in a feature release.

Mike: Your suggestion is a little different, and also interesting. I suggest that you open a new feature request topic, so your suggestion gets its own topic.

Thank you both! :)

Mike, Jev is right. Your idea is different from mine. Mine is very simply and is doable even on per sippy client  basis and  all needed is capture account phone number(if provided at account creation) from each account php and at preset low balance value (same as used now for e-mail notification) send notification to a provisioned php.file that calls up the 3rd party sms engine. 3rd party is responsible for its own sms provider. 

Or, Sippysoft switch can simply provided clients with ability to call up a 3rd party script php based on account balance value.

The so called script can then do its own account balance check via simple API and then do the sms trigger.

Yeah u r rite, thats nice idea and will help to keep Clients/internal team with critical notifications.


This feature is already available in JVS softswitch for almost a year, which can also be added to Sippy Softswitch as well, for help regarding this feature you can contact us at .

We would like to add this feature too : to be able for sippy to notify customer once per day below the threshold limit and until balance is set to zero.

thank you.

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