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More call details from web interface for trouble-shooting

 Hi, we'd like to see more call detail within the cdr section of the web interface.  At the moment, when we click on "Call Detail" for a given call, all we get is the call-id and remote IP address.  Within this screen it would be great to see a whole range of information about the call, including codec used, jitter stats and anything else about the call.  This would be very useful for trouble-shooting problem calls etc.



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Dear Kevin:

Kindly consider the termination RTP with this feature request. To check the RTP, sometimes need to reroute the calls to VOS3000 which is really degrade the service quality.

Irfan faiz



We apologize for not updating this feature request discussion for quite the enduring time frame. This development request had been noted by our Global Operations Manager, Jev Bjorsell, and had been chalked up for development consideration toward the end of 2013. Several fundamental projects had impeded the progress on this feature, though further focus is currently underway and we hope to be offering this feature extension as part of one of our version updates in the not too distant future.

We thank you for your feedback and patience with this feature request.

Kevin King

Client Success Manager

Sippy Software

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 Has anyone got any of the above features/functions ??
as we see there is no response since 6 months.

We have recently started using Sippy and find it very difficult to deal with if we are terminating multiple destinations , tracing, reporting is one of the worst we have seen so far among all switches.

kindly let us know if any of the above feature has been implemented for anyone.



We also need this feature.

It will help us to fix the route issue.

Hello Everyone,
we are still unable to get the above described features in CDRs, they are still showing only CALL ID and Remote IP.
please let me know how can i add other features too.


Dear Concern:

It would be nice if you showed us the Termination rtp feature in active calls as well as CDR. Its really help us to identify the quality issue for the specific termination RTP.


Irfan Faiz

Dear Concerns,

Kindly add this same feature for our account. we also want to see full call info including Caller & Vendor RTP. We also want RTP feature in Active Calls Page as VOS3000 displays same feature.

Thank you!

Thanks for the great ideas guys. 

Thats a genuine requirement... i want to add up the few more points which will help the technical analysis.

1) Source/destination packet loss information for RTP

2) MOS calculation



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